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Information and Communication for Development, shortened ICT4D is an approach of using various forms of communication technologies in development work to improve the life by closing the big gap between populations in the developed and developing world in terms of “access to” and “skills” in the use of ICT. In other words, ICT4D means not only using new technology BUT also providing ‘Information’ and training capacity to use ICT  to improve the life in developing countries. In Cambodia’s context, people have already been using communication tools to give and get informations simply to improve their livelihoods.  Although telecommunications services were initially limited to the government, after the fall of Khmer Rouge in 1989, advances in communications helped break down the country’s isolation, both internally and internationally. The past, people used old technology such as newspapers, written documents, TV andradio,. Nevertheless, the modern technology like Internet, social media, mobile phones, and especially smart phones have changed the way people live their lives and access information. But to do this they often need some understanding and knowledge of how to use these technologies.

The recent mobile trends in Cambodia revealed that even if the overview of the Internet penetration might seem low (5% of the population), the mobile subscription penetration on the other hand is really strong (126% when Global Average rate is 89%). Furthermore the country experiences a 3G penetration of 13,8% with 1.1 million people (namely 7% of the population) connecting to the social medias from mobile device, quoted from Mobile Trends Cambodia 2014. However, Cambodia’s illiteracy and poverty rate are still a major concern for marginalized groups. This makes it more difficult for the poor and marginalized groups to access and have the skill in the use of ICTs.              

The “ICT4D Cambodia Network” is a group that allows organizations experienced in technology, and grassroots organizations come and work together to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and promote discussion to solve the various needs of civil society organizations in Cambodia through promoting the use of different available communication technologies (ICTs). These technologies are often already available both to the organizations and at the grass roots level, and can be used in more powerful and efficient ways with some knowledge and sharing of experience.

The network was initiated in 2012 with the support from The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), in which Open Institute (OI) kindly offered to handle administrative responsibility of handling the support of the network. The participating network members include  East West Management Institute (EWMI), Innovative Support to Emergencies disease and Disasters (InSTEDD), Open Development Cambodia (ODC), Open Institute (OI), and Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC). The new update participating network as of July 2015 are :

    - Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)

    - Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR)

The Network aims to:

·         Encourage collaboration, support and sharing of information 

·         Increase the level of impact and sustainability

·        Increase the visibility of the projects and ICT4D in Cambodia.

ICT4D Cambodia Network Main activities are :

 ·     Quarterly ICT4D Meeting 

 ·     ICT4D  Cambodia Network Partners Meeting 

·       The networks of meeting : The network organizes open network meetings where organizations (ICT4D Member and non- member)  are  welcome to join to lean more about ICT4D and the network of the project in the network.

·     ICT4D monthly skype meeting (for members only )

·   National ICT4D workshops 


ICT4D Cambodia Network


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